Hydrozoning — Placing and Grouping Plants Wisely

Organize the garden into hydrozones by grouping plants with similar water needs. If plants requiring little or no irrigation are mixed with those requiring a regulated schedule, one or the other is going to suffer. The thrifty plants may drown from over-watering, while the under-watered plants may die of thirst. Grouping plants with similar water needs helps keep plants healthy and simplifies plant care.

Design: Ali Davidson, Landscape Architect
An example of hydrozoning
The Hydrangea plants, while lovely, are planted too closely to the house

The Hydrozone Report separates the plants by their water needs. To access the Hydrozone Report first make sure that you have added one or more plants to My List and go to the Home Menu, select the My List tab at the top, then Hydrozones Report from the list. To determine the water need for an existing plant go to the Home Menu, select Plants, then Plants by Common or Botanical Name, click on the picture of a plant and select "Culture". While this program has an extensive plant list, it is not a complete list. Consult local libraries, plant societies or clubs, and local nurseries for information on plants that are not included. This link has general watering info: http://www.water.ca.gov/wateruseefficiency/landscape/