Upgrading Existing System

Tune-up your Existing System:

Use the Irrigation System Checklist to identify problems.
Make your own repairs or hire someone to do them.  The Maintenance and Troubleshooting guide provides simple ways to fix common problems. The California Landscape Contractors Association can help you find licensed irrigation contractors in your area.
Create a customized watering schedule for your garden and set your controller.  Adjust your controller monthly and turn it off for rain.


Irrigation Upgrades

Irrigation technology is rapidly advancing to meet the needs of sustainable gardens.  If you’re ready for a little more challenge, consider upgrading your irrigation components for high-tuned efficiency and performance.  You will find these products at local irrigation supply stores, like Ewing Irrigation, Aqua-Flo, and Smith Pipe and Supply.

Be sure to check with your local building or planning department before making any changes to your irrigation system.  New State-wide landscape and irrigation requirements may be in effect in your city.

Use the Irrigation System Checklist (PDF) to identify problems.
Use drip irrigation in shrub beds.  Its easy to retrofit your existing sprinklers to drip. Using this method may reduce your water use 50% or more.
Install a smart controller that automatically adjusts the watering time and frequency based on soil moisture, rain, wind, evaporation and transpiration rates, or plant type.  Check out some of the smart controllers that are on the market. Follow the manufacturers instructions for installation and initial set up.
Change spray heads in lawn and shrub areas to rotary nozzles.  The multi-stream rotators use up to 30% less water than traditional spray heads because they apply water more slowly and evenly.